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The sofa begins to be produced, a master with rich experience is required to draw a good pattern. It is impossible to make a good sofa without a good model. Because every connection requires elaborate calculations, it is not a small gap that almost makes it look. After the plate was finished, the sofa frame was officially made. The current sofa frames are mainly divided into two materials: solid wood and composite panels. The frame of the sofa looks like a human skeleton to Xiaobian, and supports the sofa. The firmness of the sofa frame structure and the rationality of the design angle will affect the quality and function of the sofa manufacturers in Ahmedabad. Cut out different shapes of sponges according to the shape of the sofa, and then wrap the sponges outside the sofa frame. The padding inside the sofa includes sponge, down and rayon. The types of sponges are mainly high, medium and low sponges with three different densities.

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