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The quality of the filled sponge will also affect the life of the best sofa manufacturers in Ahmedabad. Each side of the sofa you see is a board, which is called a leather board. Place the leather board on the cowhide and draw it, and avoid the unqualified leather. Later cut the skin. You can also use a razor blade. Of course, if it is cloth, you can use electric scissors. You can cut multiple layers at a time. After cutting, pack the sofa cushions, armrests, backrests, and assortment so that the next "sewing" can be smoothly and efficiently produced. Sewing, flat car, stitching the cut leather, piece by piece, the process of sewing is very important, which is related to the appearance and quality of a set of sofas. Single-needle lathe pressing line, single line and double line need to be pressed to a margin of 5 mm, the line is symmetrical to the left and right, straight and clear, and the direction is uniform. The double-needle car presses the thread, and the fabrics are stacked on.

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